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Bike tour through Flanders with cultural and historical aspects and 2 days special on WWI

Dates for this tour :

Su 05 July - Th 16 July  2015

Su 26 July - Th 06 August  2015


My tour of Belgium with Bike & Culture Flanders was so good in so many ways, it's hard to know where to start. The cycle tour around Ypres was moving, and the guide was both passionate and inspiring about the subject. This was balanced with the cultural side of what they do, and I was especially delighted to discover Ghent through their eyes. As a seasoned traveller and travel writer, it's not that often that you find a new destination which really excites you, but Ghent did that. The chocolate-making workshop and the brewery visit were both brilliant.
I'd also recommend the company for the hotels it chose, and the meals that were included. They were both first class, showing they'd done a lot of research and picked the right places. I'd go back and tour Belgium again with these guys like a shot. 
Mike Gerrard
Travel Writer


Battlefields by bike
"We think people get so much more out of visiting the graveyards and battlefields by bike," said Mr De Bodt. "The terrain is flat, so you can cover many miles in a day, which means you can get some idea of what it was like for the soldiers involved."


This 12-day package biketour includes:

* Hotels with lots of individuality. Luxury accommodation with personalized concierge-level service.

* You get 12 breakfasts and 12 dinners (beverages included except Beers, Wines and Spirits). While biking you can discover some local places for your lunch.

* Pick up at the airport and transfers to the first hotel.

* On the last day of the tour we bring people to the airport for their journey back home. Others can continue their holiday on their own.

* Bikes & equipment

* Fully guided tour with 2 guides constantly on your side.

* Groups consist of maximum 20 participants.

* Guided city tours.

* Chocolate tour (making your own pralines!) and beer tour (visiting a brewery!) in Flanders.

* stay in and visit Ypres, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, ...

* visit the remains of WWI (Tyne Cot, ...)



General Information


Our participants are met at the airport, so there is no need for you to search for taxi or train or bus to your first hotel. When we set off for the day we ride as a group led by the tour guide with an appointed "sweep" bringing up the rear. Our "corner" system, in which a biker is posted at turns, means that getting lost is hard to do.

During the tour we will visit important cities, buildings, monuments, squares … Breakfast and dinner are provided at the hotel. Since we encourage contact with locals, every participant is free during lunch break. Another component in our tour is Ypres which is bound up with the history of WWI. As The Great War started almost a hundred years ago it deserves special attention.

All the luggage is transported from hotel to hotel by one of our employees, so our visitors don’t have to take care of this heavy job.

The bikes are provided by B&C Belgium so nobody is allowed to use his own one. Every participant will take part in a bike test and will at all times ride with a helmet. Guides have a mandate to decide (following the bike test) whether someone is suited to ride or not. Bikemirrors are not allowed during our tour, except for medical reasons. The Belgian traffic regulations will be explained during the first day within the safety lecture. In case of emergency a van is available with spare bikes for repairs. B&C Belgium guides have the authority to decide what qualifies as an emergency.

Level of difficulty:

We routinely cover 30 to 40 miles, but do so over the entire day at moderate speeds with frequent stops to allow slower bikers to catch up. A morning and afternoon coffee stop happens almost daily. The terrain is overall level.

Level of difficulty


Currency Double room Single room
AUD $ 2957.92 + $ 1176.36
CAD $ 2984.51 + $ 1186.94
EUR € 1999 + € 795
GBP � 1625.59 + � 646.49
USD $ 2737.83 + $ 1088.83
Start date Availability
2015/07/05 20 persons Enroll
2015/07/26 20 persons Enroll