Bike and Culture Flanders (B&C Flanders) is a family-run event company which offers bike tours through Flanders (Belgium) and a liberation tour (Normandy - Bastogne - Berlin), new for 2015 (information for this tour will be shown in 2014).. Our organisation cooperates with ‘Reizen Lauwers’, a well-established tour operator in Belgium with more than 30 years of experience. We also have an exclusive partnership with Windmill Biketours.

Our tours are the perfect combination between Flemish culture and WWI and II commemoration. You will visit Ypres' battlefields and graveyards (fe. Tyne Cot) by bike but in the same tour you will also learn how to make your own chocolate pralines and visit a brewery. You will visit the 'In Flanders' Fields' museum but also behold Brughes' and Ghent's authentic culture. And there will be so much more!

Our focus is adults and senior participants and therefore we give our travelers the best care and luxury accommodation with personalised concierge-level service. You fly to Europe and your job is done. We take care of everything. You are offered delicious meals and lodgings in the best hotels. Since we only work with local guides, you will get access to the history and anecdotes that only a local guide can provide.

Bike tour through Flanders and Brussels

Our focus lies on the culture of Flanders (chocolate, medieval and modern cities, beer, art,…) and of course also on WWI (in Flanders Fields). We have a two-day visit in Brussels.

When you pedal through the amazing Flemish countryside you will feast on the Flemish cuisine. Of course the Belgian beer and chocolate need no introduction, but the many local taverns and bistros also offer an extraordinary variety of tempting dishes and exquisite delicacies.

Flanders is ideal for cycling because of its low-traffic paths and flat terrain. You will encounter idyllic villages and historical cities with beautiful green meadows and many rivers and canals in between.

Liberation tour (Normandy - Bastogne - Berlin) (2015)

In our liberation tour we follow in the footsteps of the military campaign of WWII without neglecting the culture of France, Belgium and Germany.

This 18-day bustour takes you to the important spots of the landing in Normandy and the major cities (Paris, Reims, Bastogne,…). In the significant cities we will spend one or two extra days to actually visit its cultural heritage. But the central theme throughout the itinerary is the progression the Allied forces made during their liberation battle. The last 5 days we will visit Cologne and Berlin to get a clear insight in the German situation during the last days of WWII.

Our liberation tour is available in three possible formulas:

1) A 10-day trip from the beaches of Normandy to Bastogne / Brussels.
2) A 9-day trip from Brussels via Antwerp and Bruges to Berlin.
3) The full-length tour from the beaches of Normandy to Berlin.

The buses and hotel accommodation are provided by ‘Reizen Lauwers’. These 4-star buses (Prince and Royal class) are equipped with airconditioning, bathrooms, video screens, ... and make your journey extremely comfortable and safe.



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